10/0 or 0/10? LoL players explain why the bot lane is so volatile in season 2023

No matter if you jumped into League of Legends in season 2023 or you’re a veteran that’s been playing since AP Master Yi was meta, you must have noticed a rising trend of overly aggressive bot lanes that either end the game with 10/0 or 0/10. Intrigued by inting on the rise in their recent games, the League community dove deep into why is the bot lane so volatile this season.

In season 2023, from the moment bot laners see each other, it’s as if they just heard a boxing bell and someone yelling “FIGHT.” And if you know the bot lane meta and how prone some players are to tilting, you know this normally ends with one side losing by a lot—10-deaths-or-more a lot. 

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