A former top priority pick in competitive League currently has the lowest win te in solo queue

Not long ago, one champion had taken over League of Legends as the hardest to balance for both professional play and solo queue: Zeri. Since her release, for example, the Spark of Zaun had been adjusted 12 times in her first nine patches, making her the toughest puzzle for Riot Games to cck. But after a handful of months, it looks like Zeri has lost her shocking appeal with the player base.

Zeri currently has the lowest win te of any champion in solo queue among players nked Platinum or higher, with an abysmal 40.75 percent win te with only 3,335 games played, according to U.GG. The mobile AD carry has been nerfed multiple times after rising to popularity with competitive on-stage teams who needed a fast-moving marksman who could zip around a teamfight and blast away the competition while staying safe.