A new LoL meta could be on the brink as Riot nerfs tanks and bruisers in Patch 13.7

League of Legends players are no strangers to the constantly shifting meta, forcing them to abandon obsolete picks and learn new champions. So far, the meta in season 13 has favored bruisers and tanks, but that’s about to change as Riot Games prepares to ship a patch heavy with nerfs to the dominant jungle and top lane picks that just won’t die.

On March 27, League’s lead designer Matt Leung-Harrison announced the planned buffs and nerfs for Patch 13.7. While the list of buffs is rather colorful and features champions from almost all roles, nerfs are mainly focused on toning down the power of tanks and bruisers, namely Rammus, Olaf, Sejuani, Vi, Wukong, and Lee Sin. 

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