Amateur League of Legends gets boost from Riot’s new NACL schedule

Riot Games is making huge adjustments to all major regions’ broadcast schedules ahead of the 2023 Spring Split. The biggest and arguably most controversial adjustment comes in North America, as the LCS is moving to weekdays. With the LCS studio shifting to the Riot Games Arena to accommodate for VCT games taking the North America weekend slot, NA fans are now without home-region League of Legends action on the weekends—or so they thought.

One of the other big changes announced earlier this month from Riot was the all-new North America Challengers League taking over for Academy. The aptly named NACL will combine the ten academy rosters with six amateur rosters from the North American scene to all compete against each other. Fitted with a regular season, playoffs, and relegation system, Riot has gone far to foster even more home-grown NA talent. The cherry on top for NA League fans? This all-new league will be streamed on the weekends. 

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