An overwhelming presence in the bot lane: the best support players at MSI 2022

For the first time in a long while, much of the professional League of Legends scene worldwide has been controlled by a strong bot lane meta. Combinations of ADCs and supports have been crucial in determining games that dg on for too long, sometimes even snowballing from the very beginning.

More than ever, support players have been key for their ADCs and the rest of their team to succeed. While the usual Leona/Thresh/Nautilus game-changing players were ever-present, the evolution of the meta made room for mages and enchanters like Lux, Lulu, and League’s newest champ Renata Glasc to completely shake up the bot lane. Yet major meta shifts like this in such a short time were not so easily handled by many professional support players, since the lack of change for years made it unnecessary to bnch out.