Arcane’s act one ending explained

The first three episodes of Arcane—Riot Games’ first animated Netflix show centered in the world of League of Legends—have come and gone, marking the end of the first act of the three-act series. Following the conclusion of these three episodes, the stage has been set for our protagonists to grow into the chacters we know them to be in League, but questions new and old regarding their futures remain unanswered.

The final episode of Arcane’s act one ended with the unfortunate results of Powder’s attempt to save Vander while helping her sister and her friends. Despite being told to stay put by Vi, Powder’s insistence on showing her sister and her friends that she is more than a “jinx” leads her to combine the Hextech crystals from Jayce’s lab into her clapping monkey toy and venture to their location. While she believes she’s stepping in to save the day and prove her doubters wrong, she ultimately brings about the death of her friends and her father figure, as well as Vi’s betyal.

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