Aurelion Sol’s new abilities shine even brighter after his CGU rework

Aurelion Sol returns to the Rift after a Comprehensive Gameplay Update that will make League of Legends players tremble at the presence of the Star Forger. The cosmic dragon will have a new kit of abilities in patch 13.3 this February, but will maintain the same visuals and splash art that players are accustomed to. 

Image via Riot Games

After wishing upon a star, League players will finally see how Aurelion Sol’s stars will look very different in just a few patches, starting with his passive. Bid farewell to the three stars orbiting around the Star Forger, making him  “Center of the Universe,” as his previous ability was called, and welcome the “Cosmic Creator.” Aurelion Sol’s passive now grants all his abilities Stardust, which will permanently improve his abilities by giving them various bonuses. 

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