Bandle Tale review: Losing magic to unnecessary complexity

Players often look for games that make them forget about time, and Bandle Tale does just that—but not in a good way. I played the game for a little over 30 hours, but the flat storytelling and repetitive tasks had me stuck in an infinite gameplay loop that made me increasingly frustrated I didn’t have a portal to escape Bandle City.

Crafting a friendship’s flat tale

Walking in the lush Greensprout you will find giant pumpkins, square apples, and Teemo citing the Gunner rule book. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Knowing the grandiose stories of the League of Legends universe and how magical the world of Yordles is, I went into Bandle Tale expecting the ultimate tale of crafting your way toward magical friendship. But the storytelling falls flat. The hours of crafting and organizing parties erode the sense of urgency and high stakes the main quest should have.