BDS Adam’s triple kill at Worlds 2023 makes us wonder why we don’t see more Darius in pro LoL

It’s no secret among European League of Legends fans that Team BDS top laner Adam is a monster on Darius. Apparently, Team Whales from the VCS never got that memo, however, and in their first game at Worlds 2023, they quickly learned that the former Rookie of the Split is not to be trifled with when he’s on the Hand of Noxus.

Just 10 minutes into the first game of their best-of-three series in the play-in stage today, Team Whales challenged Adam’s Darius in the top lane, sending three players into his domain for a gank. Despite being nearly out of mana, Adam fought back with the help of a countergank from his own jungler, Sheo, and used his level advantage to cut down Whales’ top laner Sparda and jungler Bean, who were playing Renekton and Viego, respectively.