Bjergsen and Doublelift reminisce on TSM’s ‘9 man sleep’ at Worlds 2020: ‘I don’t want to say it’s your fault, but…’

While streaming a watch party of yesterday’s Worlds quarterfinals between JD Gaming and Rogue, League of Legends pros Doublelift and Bjergsen briefly looked back on one of their most infamous moments as teammates together. During the stream, Doublelift brought up the “nine-man sleep,” a play TSM pulled off at Worlds 2020 in which their jungler Spica landed a perfect setup on their opponents, Gen.G, but the entirety of TSM failed to capitalize.  

“I had to go back during multiple times this Worlds to watch the nine-man sleep,” Doublelift told Bjergsen on stream. “It got referenced a bunch of times so I had to go back and watch just how bad it actually was, and yeah, it was pretty dogshit man.”