BLG vs. JDG, Gen.G vs. T1 headline regional rematches on day 2 of Worlds 2023 Swiss stage

The 16-team Swiss stage of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship kicked off earlier today with electrifying performances that surprised even the most veteran League fans. But the draft for the second day of the stage promises even more thrilling games as five out of the eight matches will see teams of the same region fight for victory.

With the order being unveiled soon, the second day of Swiss will showcase matches that, although won’t eliminate any teams, will bring them one step closer to securing a spot in the playoffs.

Worlds 2023: 1-0 Swiss Matches

After winning their first game of the competition, eight teams moved to battle other winners to secure a second victory in the Swiss stage. Among them, G2 Esports secured a victory against the LCK fourth seed, KT Rolster, and will tomorrow face LPL’s fourth seed. But besides fighting for a win, in their match against Weibo Gaming, G2 will also have the opportunity to avenge Fnatic, who lost to the LPL team earlier today.