Bot diff is everything according to cvMax’s bot lane theory in League

Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho and Jeong “dopa” Sang-gil recently created a video together outlining the “Great Botlane Theory.” The newly-appointed Kwangdong Freecs head coach cvMax even went a step further and gave a step-by-step analysis of his own solo queue games only to establish that this theory is true. Bear in mind this information comes from a machine tnslation, so take it with a gin of salt. 

According to this theory, the bot lane should win on their own using all tools at their disposal, including summoner spells and their ability spells. Although it definitely benefits the team when the jungler ganks bot lane, the whole idea of “Great Botlane Theory” revolves around a strong bot lane duo that has synergy in terms of both champions and players, according to solo queue legend dopa.