Cloud9 put Fudge factor into full force, continue 2022 LCS Spring Playoffs lower bcket run with sweep over Golden Guardians

Following an explosive start to the 2022 LCS Spring Playoffs, the battle continued with the first match of the lower bcket today. Cloud9 started their run through the lower bcket of the 2022 LCS Spring Playoffs with a clean sweep over Golden Guardians, who now look towards rekindling their fire in the Summer Split. With the Fudge factor unleashed, C9 did not misstep once during this series, looking to venture past the first obstacle in their journey back to the top.

Fans went into this series wondering how C9 would perform following their loss to 100 Thieves that placed them in this lower bcket match. Much of the focus on C9 was directed towards Summit—who, despite making the All-Pro team for the 2022 Spring Split and standing as a prime candidate for the split’s MVP, ended with a total of 15 deaths across those three games against 100T.