Cloud9’s EMENES sought out Chovy’s advice immediately after lopsided MSI 2023 loss

North America’s run at the 2023 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational ended early, with no wins against any of their international competition. Cloud9, the No. 1 seed, were knocked out of the tournament in a decisive 3-0 sweep to Korea’s Gen.G in the lower bracket quarterfinals. No games in the series lasted longer than 30 minutes.

Despite the brutal loss, one C9 player kept his head up high and looked for advice after the match, seeking guidance from his mid lane counterpart. Right after the final game, C9’s EMENES asked Gen.G’s Chovy for advice on what areas he was lacking in as a player and how he could better improve. Chovy responded with praise that there were no issues with his individual laning phase, but he could not fully judge EMENES’ ability to adapt to advantages or disadvantages based on the MSI series. Instead, Chovy opted to give EMENES advice on the decision-making process in most situations and understanding the game from a team-wide perspective.

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