Elk, Bilibili Gaming trample over expectations—and Gen.G—in massive MSI upset

The tournament slogan for the 2023 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational might be “defy expectations,” but most games have gone just as expected across the event. After a destructive performance against Gen.G today, though, China’s Bilibili Gaming are ready to break the mold as they carve a path as a dark horse contender for the throne.

The LPL’s second seed wiped the London floors with the LCK’s defending champs on May 19, completing a dominant three-game sweep that was punctuated by some of the best teamfighting we’ve seen at the tournament so far. The BLG roster has been known to be deadly in the mid-to-late game, but against one of the world’s best, they managed to reach an even higher level than we’ve seen from them this year.

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