Faker brings LoL to Palworld, becomes Ryze with T1 teammates

Even the great Faker needs a little time off from League of Legends every now and then. This week, the superstar mid-laner decided to try his hand at the latest craze consuming the gaming world, Palworld—and he wasn’t going it alone.

After a little bit of League to start his Feb. 9 stream, Faker switched over to Palworld alongside T1 teammates Gumayusi, Keria, and Zeus for a bit of fun and shenanigans, but what was meant to be a short dip into the world of “Pokémon with guns” turned into over two hours of gameplay in front of thousands of viewers. Faker dedicated a good 20 minutes to the character creator, making a one-for-one recreation of one of his favorite League champs Ryze, and in all honesty, he wasn’t far off.