Faker keeps raising the bar with twin career milestones over LCK weekend

If you weren’t convinced already that Faker is the greatest League of Legends player of all time, he added two more milestones to his resume this past week in LCK Spring Split play. The legendary T1 mid laner earned both his 600th win and his 3,000th kill in domestic play over the weekend, becoming the first player in the LCK to accomplish both of those feats.  

Although Faker was the first LCK player to reach the 3,000-kill milestone, he was not the first overall professional to hit that number. Last season, LPL veterans Rookie and Xiaohu hit the number over in the Chinese domestic league. Faker’s 3000th kill came with Taliyah in the first game of yesterday’s match against OK Brion, which T1 went on to win by a score of two games to none.