G2 ADC Flakked posts 75.0 KDA in week 2 of 2022 LEC Spring playoffs

G2 Esports AD carry Flakked will enter his team’s spring semifinal series against Fnatic this weekend as perhaps the hottest League of Legends player in the LEC. During week two of the 2022 spring playoffs, Flakked finished with a KDA of 75.0 across two best-of-five series victories.

In last Friday’s match against Vitality, Flakked posted a scoreline of 17/1/19. Against Misfits, Flakked had an even more impressive personal performance with a scoreline of 19/0/20. In total, Flakked’s scoreline surmounted to a mark of 36/1/39 last weekend, tnslating into a KDA of 75.0.