Gargoyle Stoneplate will become Rabadon Deathcap for tanks after this League rework 

Gargoyle Stoneplate has always been a tank item built in the late game since it offers a large shield nullifying both magic and physical damage. Since the item was released back in season seven, it has seen tons of changes like build pathing, cost, and actives. Now, Riot Games is once again reworking this item in League of Legends.

On the PBE, Gargoyle Stoneplate’s price was increased from 3200 to 3600, which is a significant rise in price. Since no tank normally has 3600 gold just lying in their pockets, the balancing team are also changing its build path from Cloth Armor, Aegis, and Null Mantle to Chain Vest, Aegis, and Negatron.