Here are the 2 ways the 2023 LCS Spring Split could end in a wild 4-way tie

Coming into the final day of the 2023 LCS Spring Split, four teams in the middle of the standings have still yet to lock in their place in the Spring Playoffs. With just five games left on the schedule, playoff destinies still need to be resolved for 100 Thieves, CLG, Golden Guardians, and TSM.

While it’s almost a guantee that we’ll be treated to at least one tiebreaker game today—especially considering how tight the standings are coming into the Spring Split finale—there are a handful of scenarios in which four teams could lock up in an unresolved four-way tie. In these situations, the four teams would be placed in a seeded bcket (it is March, after all) and a total of four games would be played to determine where they’d end up in the standings.