Here are the early League Patch 13.1C patch notes

Despite a cyber attack, nsom notes, and hackers reportedly putting up Riot Games’ source code for auction, League of Legends Patch 13.1B rolled out on Jan. 26. Until we can put this all behind us and move on to Patch 13.3, we still have Patch 13.1C ahead of us. Similar to the last patch, Patch 13.1C is bringing about balancing changes to champions and items.

At the center of Patch 13.1C, we have the delayed Annie changes that might help her dazzle the mid lane once again, as well as generous buffs to Alistar, Thresh, and Rakan that could get rid of the explosive trend of AD carries in the support role. The patch will also introduce the long-awaited nerfs to Radiant Virtue and final tweaks to reworked Jax skins.