Here’s how Jax’s mid-scope update could impact the League meta

Riot Games is wasting no time hitting the ground running with its champion reworks for League of Legends in 2023. When the 2023 ranked season launches on Tuesday, Jan. 10, the game’s first mid-scope update of the year will also go live: Jax is set to receive a series of updates to the majority of his kit.

Jax’s mini-rework will change three of his abilities. The main focus is on his ultimate, Grandmaster’s Might. The ability will now reward Jax with bonus Armor and Magic Resist whenever he strikes an enemy champion with an auto-attack during the duration of his ult, making him more of a tank threat whenever he deals damage. Additionally, the ability will cause every other attack to deal bonus damage instead of every third attack, which is how the ability currently operates on live. 

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