‘I was told I won’t win’: Deft recollects his hardships after winning Worlds 2022

A veten of League of Legends, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu has—after 10 years of trying and failing—finally got his hands on the Summoner’s Cup over the weekend. After the initial hype and impressions have settled down, Deft discussed his long and hard road to becoming a World champion and all the challenges he has met along the way.

“Now that some time has passed, it hits me that none of this has been a dream. Every day, I was told I won’t win Worlds. That I am done, because of my injuries, or because I am too old,” Deft said, according to a tnslation by Korizon’s Ashley Kang. Since Deft suffered a serious lower back injury two years ago, many believed this 26-year-old AD carry was done with his career.