Jensen: ‘Hopefully, by playoffs, Riot will buff mages so I can win’

On Friday, July 7, Dignitas bounced back from two straight losses in the LCS to close out the fourth week of the Summer Split with a victory over FlyQuest. The game was notable in that it marked the first time since June 2022 that the team’s mid laner, Jensen, found a victory with a champion that is not classified as a mage. By winning with Jayce on Friday, Jensen snapped an incredibly unique year-long streak while also propelling Dignitas into the middle of the LCS playoff picture. 

“I think the meta right now is all over the place, like, you can kind of play whatever you want,” Jensen said in an interview after the game. “Unfortunately, mages are a bit weak right now, so hopefully, by playoffs, Riot will buff mages so that I can win, otherwise, I’ll have to play these champs again.”