LCK power nkings: 2021 Summer Split week 9

It feels almost poetic that after last week—the most stable and predictable week of the LCK season—the league decided to flip itself over one last time before the playoff bcket is finally set. Going into the last week of the 2021 Summer Split, it’s truly difficult to get a read on the LCK since the marginal differences between each of the league’s top teams can be decided by just a handful of matches. 

This past week, every team in the top five of our power nkings made moves, while the entire bottom five stayed completely put. And even though we’ve established a strict, unwritten policy on teams moving three or more places up or down our nkings in a single week, it feels somewhat appropriate to have so much chaos in our table ahead of the season’s final week—especially with how much the LCK as a whole has flip-flopped throughout the entire season. 

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