LCK power nkings: 2022 Spring Split week 3

The LCK is on break this week in observance of the Lunar New Year, giving teams time to catch up and reset before the final six weeks of the Spring Split play host to the spring playoff push. And for some League of Legends teams, like the streaking T1 and DRX, a sudden stoppage of play could bring a halt to their snowball effect. For others, like the quickly sliding, last-place Kwangdong Freecs, a chance to reset and take a deep breath couldn’t be more welcome. 

Most of the movement in our power nkings this week came in the top half of the table, with all five teams in the upper portion of the LCK’s standings all shifting positions in our nkings. Largely, that’s due to upsets across the board, as well as subtle movement at the back-end of the playoff picture.

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