LCK power nkings: 2022 Spring Split week 5

Just four weeks remain on the LCK schedule for the Spring Split, and the ce for the playoffs is tightening up as the first half of the 2022 professional League of Legends season winds down. Currently, six teams in the LCK are sepated by just one match as the second round robin of the split gets underway. One match could be the difference between finishing with a top-four seed in the playoff bcket and finishing dead last in the LCK, especially if the competition continues at its current te. 

With such a close ce, though, comes plenty of room for the LCK to be flipped on its head between now and the end of the split. Eight matches remain on the schedule for each team in the league, making way for plenty of opportunities for the LCK standings (and our power nkings) to look incredibly different by the time the playoff bcket is finally set in stone.

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