LCS power nkings: 2021 Summer Split week 3

Three weeks of play are in the books for the 2021 LCS Summer Split. This time last split, we were already halfway done with the schedule. In summer, though, there’s still six weeks left on the board. That means each team in the league will have 18 games between now and the end of the regular season to make a case as to why they’re worth a playoff berth. And while many teams cool off and settle in with their new (and in some cases) improved summer rosters, others are scmbling to stay alive.

This week’s edition of our LCS power nkings saw more movement from top to bottom than any week in the league this season. Nine of the ten teams shuffled in their placement in our nkings in comparison to last week, proving the point that the LCS is still anyone’s game. Here are our LCS power nkings after three weeks of the 2021 Summer Split. 

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