League players want one change for Shyvana to make things clearer for the whole team

Shyvana mains have asked for more clarity about the abilities of their favorite League of Legends champion. The Half-Dgon is considered not too difficult to master, but her abilities might be difficult to fully comprehend unless you play her. In a Reddit post on Nov. 28, user Ozzyglez112 complained about the toxic behavior experienced by other players who didn’t know Shyvana’s abilities. 

Some League players have mastered their favorite champion since the day it came out, but not everyone may know all the abilities in the game—that is why having clear gameplay for all champions is important. In the Reddit post, sevel League players who field Shyvana in-game said it’s not easily recognizable when Shyvana’s ultimate ability is ready or not, and this causes sevel communication problems on the Rift.

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