LEC announces 2024 season start date, with Winter Split debuting in the revamped studio

The return of the League of Legends EMEA Championship is just around the corner, and this time matches aren’t the thing fans have to look forward to. The Winter Split kicks off the 2024 season on Jan. 13 in the revamped arena welcoming the newcomer Karmine Corp.

After a 4-months hiatus, the LEC will take center stage in its revamped studio, now Riot Games Arena, starting Saturday, Jan. 13. In a previous roundtable, Riot had revealed that there will be no major changes to the broadcast schedules for the LEC in the upcoming year, in contrast with the many changes coming to the competition itself. Fans of the league can expect matches to continue taking place over the weekends, from Saturday to Monday, now starting 5pm CET.