LEC power nkings: 2021 Summer Split week 8

The LEC regular season is finally coming to a close. This weekend, each team in the European league will take part in one final installment of a “superweek” before the postseason kicks off and the ce to the 2021 League of Legends World Championship heats up more than it already has. 

The top five teams in the LEC have already confirmed their spots in the playoffs, but one berth still remains. Plus, no team has officially locked in their playoff seed, so we could potentially see the league shuffle itself around one last time before we put a pin in the regular season for good. If anything, consistent shuffling in the LEC standings has been a major theme of the 2021 season, and it’s been reflected in our power nkings, as well. This week alone, six of the 10 teams in the league shifted positions in comparison to last week, and the majority of the league can’t seem to settle down and decide on the kind of team they want to be.

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