LoL dev Phreak explains why he’s in no rush to nerf Zeri in pro play

In response to a Reddit thread calling for Zeri to be nerfed, League of Legends balance developer David “Phreak” Turley claimed today that he has no intention of bringing down the champion’s power level anytime soon. The thread called for nerfs to Zeri to go live before this year’s Mid-Season Invitational, but it’s still likely that no matter what happens to her between now and May, the champion will probably still be in the meta—especially if Phreak and the rest of the Summoner’s Rift team have anything to say about it. 

“So while Zeri has been a fixture of bottom lane for sure, she’s almost never been the dominant option and has never been so strong that both teams vie for her every game,” Phreak said in his reply. “That said, she has finally crossed 80% for the first time during 13.5.”

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