LoL devs are so worried about Vayne top coming back they’ve already locked in early nerfs

If we disregard buffs Vayne got with changes to AD carries’ base stats last season, the champion has gone three long years without any buffs to her kit. In Patch 13.6, Riot Games is handing out buffs and nerfs left and right, and Vayne has found herself on the list of lucky League of Legends champions. Still, the Riot devs fear the wrath of top lane Vayne and they’ve already locked in early nerfs and have more nerfs up their sleeves if she sneaks back into the meta.

On March 14, lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison shared the complete list of changes for Patch 13.6. On the list, Vayne buffs stood out thanks to them including buffs to passive movement speed, Tumble AD ratio, and Condemn cooldown reduction.

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