LoL fans claim struggling Galio ‘has no point’ anymore—but Riot totally disagrees

League of Legends players have voiced their concerns with the abysmal state of Galio, but Riot Games disagrees, saying the champion still serves his role as the “defender/enabler” from the mid-lane.

One player, Pe4enkas, voiced their opinion in a March 27 Reddit thread, stating how Galio feels like he is having an identity crisis in League of Legends. Being an anti-AP tanky champion, the player claims Galio does poorly against AD assassins like Zed and Naafiri, and also against traditional AP Mages like Aurelian Sol, Veigar, Malzahar, and Ahri. To make things worse, he only counters AP assassins in the mid-lane, which makes him a very niche pick.