LoL games with 4-1 failed surrender votes have a mind-boggling low win rate

Sometimes ranked League of Legends games get out of hand and are simply doomed. So, the best course of action is to “go next.” But you’ll often encounter players with a never-give-up attitude that hold you hostage in a game that has already been decided and it turns out that these games have mind-boggling low win rates.

According to the latest Riot Games data shared by League’s lead designer Matt Leung-Harrison on April 5, 96.7 percent of the games that have 4-1 failed early surrender votes are lost. What’s more, further analysis showed that 90 percent of these games hold players hostage, 45 percent of these games are usually forfeited when they hit the 20-minute mark, and 50 percent of these games end naturally or by players “opening mid.”

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