LoL PBE gives players first details on returning and reworked ADC items

Changes are being made to the way AD carries will approach itemization in League of Legends. If you play ADC, you might want to buckle up, because in the near future, your worldview might get shifted, especially if you’re one of those players who is stuck in their ways and builds the same six items each game. 

In an upcoming League patch, Riot Games will be making an effort to reshape the way AD carries approach Mythic items (and itemization as a whole), with several new items being given Mythic status and a few others being dropped down to the Legendary tier. Additionally, many core ADC items are being adjusted in terms of their throughput and price point, making the items you build and the choices you make during the course of a game that much more important. Many of the changes to ADC items were posted to Twitter by League insider Spideraxe

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