LoL players are ‘surprised’ there’s no stereotypical knight champion in game

With 167 champions in League of Legends, it’s obvious some of them were made based on specific archetypes. But players are actually surprised that despite such a vast champion pool, there isn’t a stereotypical knight in the game.

One player named Facebook_Prophet pointed out there isn’t a typical fighter type of knight in League, they said on Reddit on Feb. 25. Many other players agreed with them, claiming it’s arguably the most common archetype in Fantasy genre, yet is missing in the game. “I know Leona’s a thing, but I’m thinking along the lines of fighter in DND here,” the original redditor said. “We’ve got the assassins, spear guys, big sword guys, big axe guys, viking guys, samurai guys, and fat guys. Where’s the normal ass knight guy?” And many of the top comments agreed on how such a common character was missing.