LoL players beg Riot to totally revert ‘dogsh*t’ Rek’Sai update

Rek’Sai players—and at least one League of Legends streamer—are today begging the Riot Games developers to roll back the jungler’s last changes after a huge update in Patch 14.4 allegedly killed the Void Burrower for good.

Former League pro-turned-content creator William “Meteos” Hartman has led calls to revert the changes this week, ripping into the update on Feb. 24 and calling them “complete dogshit.” Meteos focused particularly on the changes to Rek’Sai’s kit, stating the lack of a slow after landing the knock-up via Unburrow, the “negative damage” from Void Rush, and a myriad of bugs is making Rek’Sai unpickable in League.