LoL players disappointed with Skarner skin after rework, blame Riot for ‘cutting corners

After a long time, Skarner’s rework has finally been revealed. The crystalline scorpion looks fresh, but some players think his reworked skins are underwhelming. Fans are particularly disgruntled because of the Guardian of the Sands skin which offers little for a high price.

A March 19 Reddit thread goes into some detail regarding Guardian of the Sands Skarner, especially focusing on his recall animation in the 975RP skin. “Guardian of the Sands Skarner shows that modern Riot cuts corners if it can,” user Bubblegum1109 wrote in the original post. They said that Skarner’s old recall was oddly satisfying and minimalistic, a far cry from Riot’s modern recall designs, but that the new ones are quite underwhelming. “It’s the base recall with fucking sand,” they wrote of the reworked Guardian of the Sand recall animation.