LoL players think they have an idea to make Janna a more useful support

Janna is a notorious enchanter support in League of Legends, with her kit revolving solely around boosting her allies’ throughput and keeping her enemies at bay. Famous for her heals, shields, and buffs, Janna is a relatively one-dimensional champion, but League players on the game’s official subreddit think they might have an idea that can turn her into a much more prominent and versatile pick. 

In a thread on the League subreddit, players cooked up an idea that would change Janna’s Eye of the Storm (E) to give its target a bonus to Adaptive Force, making the ability more useful for characters that use Ability Power. In its current state, Eye of the Storm only buffs champions’ Attack Damage when applied to them, so a change that would increase either AP or AD, depending on who it’s placed on, would immediately make Janna a better partner for a wider variety of bottom laners.