LoL’s 2024 map changes have gutted a dominant top laner by accident

Patch 14.1 went live for League of Legends on Jan. 9, and among the myriad of changes to the Rift, the updates to the physical map have completely decimated one champion’s kit in a way that players don’t think the developers planned for.

There’s a vast array of changes that were implemented in 14.1, including a totally revamped Rift Herald, new Void Grub jungle monsters, a yassified Baron Nashor, and the first major change to the map of Summoner’s Rift since 2014. Riot has been forthcoming with the thought process behind the map changes, so we know the top lane was widened to decrease how easily the lane can be ganked (so bruisers can beat each other up in peace). What the patch notes don’t mention is what the changes do to a certain someone’s tentacles.