MAD, Karmine Corp battle propels LEC to highest viewership numbers since 2021

The League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) is currently ongoing and has seen a soar in players flocking to watch the league. After breaking its launch weekend numbers on Friday, today’s MAD Lions and Karmine Corp match pushed viewership to new heights.

Since 2023, the LEC has seen 10 teams from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa clash in seasonal leagues for a chance to get to the coveted World Championships. Naturally, as one of the biggest League leagues, the LEC brings in a solid audience, but this number has been stagnating since 2021, reaching a five-year low in 2023. In a sudden reversal of fortune, however, things are looking brighter than ever as the battle between MAD Lions and Karmine Corp on Jan. 15 saw the LEC main stream reach nearly 750,000 viewers according to stat-tracking website Esports Charts.