MAD Lions head coach Mac shares the ‘secret sauce’ to winning an LEC championship

On April 23, League of Legends fans excitedly watched as Team BDS and Mad Lions clashed for the LEC title. If BDS won, they would have become the sixth team to ever win the competition, and after a dominating regular season and playoffs stage, BDS stepped on the finals stage as the favorites. But fans and pros alike underestimated MAD Lions. 

After looking like defeated kittens in the first two games of the series, MAD leaped on their opponents like a famished beast and reclaimed the Rift for themselves. BDS were hunting for a title, but they stepped in MAD’s territory and ended up getting devoured by a swift reverse-sweep after Carrzy delivered the second pentakill of the series. Seeing MAD reclaiming the LEC title came as a surprise for many, but it was well within expectations in the Lions’ den.

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