Majoring in the minors: An overview of the lesser-known representatives at Worlds 2022

This year, for the first time ever, five major region teams will be present in the opening phase of the tournament in Mexico City, adding difficulty to a pool of teams that was already looking loaded with the likes of reigning MSI champions Royal Never Give Up, the LCK’s DRX, and MSI participants Evil Geniuses and Saigon Buffalo. It’ll be tougher than ever for the minor region representatives to make history, but the games will undeniably be worth watching.

Every year when play-ins approach, right alongside them comes the pressure felt by pundits and fans alike to mainline minor region VODs and soak up as many nartive and discussion points as possible before the first match. And if you want comprehensive analysis, seek out those that know the region best: the broadcasters who watch every single game. As one of those myself, we don’t bite and are always more than happy to mble about our teams. For quick hits and cursory overviews, however, this article should hopefully at least get you started.