Milio fits right into the cast of support champs in LoL but brings out a glaring issue in the ADC role

Enchanter players in League of Legends have been eating very well over the past few years. From the addition of the cruel and cunning Renata Glasc to the still-controversial Yuumi post-rework and the re-emergence of Nami at the top of the meta thanks to a specific bot lane pairing, Riot Games has provided this class of support champions a handful of new tools and personalities that continue to draw intrigue from the wider community, further increasing the role’s popularity and accessibility.

But Riot took this one step further just a few weeks ago with the release of the game’s newest champion Milio, the Gentle Flame, an enchanter that, at first glance, seems rather straightforward and not game-breaking in the slightest. Yet in the fashion of many of the recent additions to League’s cast, this young, bombastic child from Ixtal has a powerful kit capable of completely turning around fights of any size.

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