Ranged top laners aren’t as problematic as players think, Riot says

If there’s one thing that most top lane players in League of Legends hate the most, it’s playing against a nged opponent as a mostly melee champion. But Riot Games has specified that these matchups aren’t as common as players may believe—and even when they do show up, it’s not always one-sided.

In a new blog post, Riot Axes and Riot Phroxzon provided a bit of insight today on the Vayne buffs that were implemented in Patch 13.6, which fans have remained skeptical about due to the champion’s access at snowballing games through an easy lane. Even with these buffs, Vayne remains one of the least-played champions in the top lane (as well as her intended role in the bot lane) with a relatively-unchanged win te from the previous patch, according to Riot.