Odoamne has the fourth-most games played in LEC history, is the last remaining player in the top 5 without a title

After eight years as a pro League of Legends player, Rogue’s veten top laner Odoamne has the fourth-most games played of any player in LEC’s history. But he’s also the only pro within the top five of that list who hasn’t won a European championship.

Odoamne has played 480 games during his time in the LEC, according to League stats aggregate Games of Legends, which places him behind Fnatic’s own professor Hylissang, Karmine Corp star AD carry Rekkles, and G2 Esports’ jungler Jankos. The Polish veten has led G2 to yet another playoff berth and currently leads the pack with a whopping 542 games as an LEC player.