One League champion has a mindblowing KDA in LEC Spring Split 2023

The LEC Spring regular split just ended last week, which saw XL Esports and Team Heretics eliminated. The two teams will have to try again next split while the top eight teams will go through the Groups Stage to determine the four teams that will fight for the Spring Split title, and the spot in the Mid-Season Invitational, which will take place in London next month.

The pro play meta saw a small shift from what we saw in the Winter Split, with nged supports disappearing in favor of engage champions. This also caused a domino effect on the marksman meta, with Zeri and Xayah dominating the ladder in terms of pick te. Even if they boast great KDAs (4.1 for Zeri, 7.1 for Xayah, according to stats site Games of Legends), there is one other ADC who was able to score the greatest KDA we’ve witnessed in the entire history of LEC regular splits.