Only 2 champions had a 100 percent pick-ban rate during first week of 2023 LEC Winter Split

The competitive League of Legends meta has already started to take shape after one week of play, and in Europe, some champions have taken over as the priority picks in the league. For example, there are only two champions that maintained a full 100 percent draft presence over the three game days that opened up the 2023 LEC Winter Split: Lucian and Ryze.

Around the world, Lucian has been one of the most contested AD carry champions in professional play, especially when paired with enchanter support Nami. His ability to dish out a ton of damage along with his superior mobility make him a prime choice for the mechanically gifted stars across the globe, and he holds a 100 percent pick-ban rate in the LEC as a result, according to League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir.

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