Return of the bug king: Viego is breaking League of Legends again

Viego, the infamous Ruined King, was released on the League of Legends live servers in January 2021. Other than being the mysterious Ruined King we’ve been hearing about for years, Viego is, besides Mordekaiser, one of the most buggy champions in the game with 48 bug fixes already in his pocket. But just when Riot Games thought it had rid the Ruined King of all of his bugs, Viego’s bug tendency has struck once again—this time on the PBE.

The first bug, which is courtesy of League of Poro, is that Viego can stack an infinite amount of the recently introduced jungle pets, which are coming with the 2023 preseason. To reproduce this bug, you’ll need to have an evolved pet as a Viego and the enemy jungler needs to have only the basic edition of a jungle pet. If Viego kills the enemy jungler and possesses the champion’s body, the enemy’s pet will stay with Viego. You can also rinse and repeat this process until you have enough pets, but the other pets, unfortunately, won’t attack any targets.